Surfing SUP






One of the most natural water sports ever discovered, surfing and the latest variation SUPing are sport open to all. Whether you are a beginner or regular surfer, Mui Ne can provide plenty of opportunities for you to improve your level or just get on the water for some fun.


The surf can be split into two definite seasons.

July-October: Waves can be found in front Jibes on the main Mui Ne Beach, size and shape can vary but generally there are perfect for beginners and intermediates. During this period Mui Ne can also get some larger swell, usually wind swell before a large system arrives (suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers).

November-May: Due to swell direction the waves on the main beach during this time are not so suitable, but don’t feel sad. We have a great location for morning surf at Full Moon Village. Jibe’s offers a courtesy bus to take care of your transportation and all equipment will be waiting for you when you arrive. For afternoon sessions throw your board in the back of a cab and head down wind for 5 minuets. There you will find a great little break, generally its a left hander with the opportunity to go right depending on the conditions. Short boards for the larger days, long boards for catching the wave all the way.


Jibes offers both rental and surf lessons, boards range from (8’6 (long boards) to 6′ (short boards)). Waves are breaking over a sand bottom (no reef), so its one of the safest locations to surf.


For more information regarding swell conditions or surf/SUP lessons please contact Adie (

Michael-BandWMichael Blum (Netherlands) Chief Surf Instructor. Michael is what we call a natural, coming from a professional kick boxing background at a competitive level and later training future world champions. Anytime we have surf swell you can find him on the waves. Michael has been teaching surfing at Jibe’s for over two years, and has passed on his skills to many beginners, opening the door to one of the most natural water sports ever.