Come sail Mui Ne Bay with us!

Windsports in Mui Ne Bay is not just about kitesurfing and windsurfing. Try your hand at sailing a Hobie beach or a Topcat K3 catamaran- take a lesson, rent, or take a tour of Mui Ne Bay with our instructor.
Going sailing in light winds is a great introduction to getting out on the water, since much of the information you pick up is transferable to other windsports. Whether you are interested in kitesurfing or windsurfing, learning to sail first will help prepare you with important background awareness for wind effects, balance, and power control.

Why Catamarans?

We chose the Hobie Bravo and Wave because they are simple to use and provide loads of fun for beginners and experienced sailors alike. They are generally faster than monohulls, yet easy to handle. This gives the best combination of fun, speed, and ease of learning. For those more experienced sailors looking for more precision and performance the Topcat K3 will take you to there.
Lesson Contents include:

  • Pre-Sail checklists
  • Points of Sail: Close Haul, Reaches, “No-Go zone”
  • Tacking
  • Jibing
  • Stopping
  • Right of Way
  • Getting out of Irons
  • Balancing the boat (Forward / Aft, Port/ Starboard)
  • Capsize and Righting drilll
  • Launching and Beaching
  • Apparent Wind
  • Trimming and tuning your sail

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