Jibes Water Sport Centre

Jibe’s Water Sport Centre




Jibe’s Water Sports offers a wide spectrum of activities, sports and the best toys for everyone to enjoy. Kayaking or flat-water SUPing on calm days to hardcore kitesurfing or windsurfing in 25+ knots of the famous Mui Ne wind.  Our experienced international instructors can teach you how to WINDSURF, KITESURFSURF, SUP or go SAILING on a beach catamaran.


All Jibe’s instructors are highly experienced, well-rounded, dedicated water sports professionals. Each has been chosen for their years of experience and teaching with a variety of conditions and equipment. We also require our instructors to have water sport experience in other countries outside Viet Nam, and to have knowledge of at least one other water sport.

We offer some of the very latest equipment for you to try giving you the opportunity to improve your skills faster and get the most out of the latest technology.

Whether you are a beginner to water sports or a seasoned professional, Jibe’s has something for everyone. So why not drop by, our staff will always be happy to welcome you.


Water Sport Price List 


Michael-BandWMichael Blum (Netherlands) Chief Surf Instructor.  Michael is what we call a natural, coming from a professional kick boxing background at a competitive level and later training future world champions. Anytime we have surf swell you can find him on the waves. Michael has been teaching surfing at Jibe’s for over two years, and has passed on his skills to many beginners, opening the door to one of the most natural water sports ever. Matt-BandWMatt “Matt-O” Kwantes (Canada). Coming to water sports from a snowboarding background. Matt started teaching kitesurfing for Jibe’s back in 2003, and started to teach windsurfing in 2011. Since 2013 he has also started to teach catamaran sailing. Matt believes “That a good instructor should be a student of the learning process and how it relates to each individual in his or her own unique way”.
 drewDrew Parsons (Wales), Chief Kite-surf instructor.  Drew has been an IKO level 2 Instructor for 7 years and has been kitesurfing for 10 years. He has taught and kitesurfed in various places around the world including Egypt, Madagascar and Sri lanka. Drew has a background in teaching which has been useful in his instructor career. He is also a keen Stand Up Paddler ready to offer you any tips.  Adie-BandWAdie (UK), Water Sport Manager. Adie started teaching kitesurfing for Jibes in 2004, coming from a kite background fresh from the beaches of Australia, with over 14 years experience he understands the need for professionalism and a high level of safety both on and off the water.