Contact Persons

ID Name Position Phone Fax  Email
1. Mrs Phuong and Mr Pascal  Owners
(84-62)-3847008 (84-62)-3836079
2. Mr Adie Water-Sports Coordinator (84-62)-3847405 (84-62)-3847160
3. Mr Phuoc Hotel Reservation (84-62)-3847008 (84-62)-3847160
4. Miss Rita Shop Manager (84-62)-3847405 (84-62)-3836079

*When calling from outside Vietnam please use country code 84 Followed by 62.

*When calling from inside Vietnam please use 062 followed by the phone number.


**For Full Moon Beach Resort information and bookings please contact Mr Phuoc.

**For water sports related information (Windsurfing, Kite-surfing, Surfing, Sailing, Kayaking and SUPing) please contact Mr Adie.




Windsurf Vietnam Map

Windsurf Vietnam Map