2nd King of The Bay – Result

The 2nd King Of The Bay

On Saturday 18th January 2014 Jibe’s Beach Club and Surf4You hosted the 2nd King Of The Bay Competition.Results:

Rank   Time     Competitor
1st 38:21.4      Sergei Tovkan

2nd 40:27.6      Oleksandr Olefirenko

3rd 41:21.8      Pavel Chistyakov

4th 42:24.9       Pavel Lobodin

5th 45:09.7       Ilya Chaika

6th 45:48.8       Truong Ky Tai

7th 46:01.8       Nguyen Quoc Hung

8th 46:09.2       Alex

9th 47:39.9       Alexandr Melnichenko

10th 55:46.8      Evgeny Sadvsky

11th 68:13         Deborah Khoo

Pictures of the event here.